Redwood Empire carries a wide variety of decking products.

Decks made of Redwood keep their handsome appearance longer than other woods because Redwood is naturally stable. This means that deck boards nail down flat and stay in place resisting warping, cupping, splitting and checking. There is a grade of Redwood suitable for every part of the deck. Check out the Redwood grades.

Sequoia Premium Decking Clear All Heart Redwood
Sequoia Premium is a Clear All Heart Redwood (with heart clear developing). It has many properties that make it an outstanding choice for exterior residential and commercial decking, landscaping and industrial projects. It is the highest quality Redwood available with a beautiful pinkish red hue and excellent durability. Redwood Heartwood can render 20+ years of durability. Sequoia Premium Decking offers a splendid natural grain and texture. It is termite and insect resistant. Redwood’s Clear All Heart grade boasts a Class B – low flame spread rating. Sequoia Premium Decking is now available as green and air seasoned.

Sequoia Premium Decking is milled with a smooth surface on all four sides and eased edges. Redwood’s strength and dimensional stability is verified by the fact that 2x6 can be spaced 24 inches on center in most residential decking applications. This joist span translates to a substantial cost savings in both time and money since less substructure lumber is needed. It is also easy to work with, mill, nail or drill.

Sequoia Premium is a pinkish red color. To maintain this color a protective finish with UV inhibitors must be applied. Redwood left unfinished will turn a silver gray color.

Sequoia Premium is available in these sizes: 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x12, 4x4, 2x6 Handrail and 2x4 Subrail.

Redwood for decking is an environmentally sound choice. “New young Redwood forests are growing at a phenomenal rate. Nearly 400,000 acres are preserved in public parks and reserves. Redwood is harvested from both public and private land zoned for timber production. ”(California Redwood Association)

Redwood Empire has a strong commitment to the environment. We practice responsible harvesting, milling and distribution of exceptional quality Redwood. Our forestry practices continue to achieve sustained yield due to our carefully managed timberlands.

Ipe represents the best of the best in decking surfaces. Ipe is virtually splinter free, and highly resistant to rot, decay or termites. Ipe boasts the highest fire resistant rating possible: Class A . It is dimensionally very stable and five times stronger than most softwoods or composite materials.

In addition to standard decking products, we inventory the widest selection of Ipe railing and accessory items. These include but are not limited to:

  • 6x6 Sleeve assembled with stainless steel screws
  • Dadoed 5-1/2” Sculptured Handrail
  • Dadoed 3-1/2” Subrail
  • Post Caps for 4x4 post and for the 6x6 Sleeve
  • Post Collar
  • 3/8”x1/4” Plugs
  • Planter Boxes & Bench set
  • Planter Box
  • 1x4 T&G Kiln Dried Porch Flooring

Exotic Hardwoods
The following are tropical Hardwoods from South America. In addition to IPE Hardwood (air-dried), we also stock several Kiln-Dried Exotic Hardwoods: Brazilian Redwood (Massaranduba), Cumaru (Dipteryx odorata), Tigerwood (Muiracatiara), and Angelim Pedra (Dinizia excelsa). They are not only individually unique and beautiful they are also extremely suitable for decking, trellis, exterior and interior furniture, bridges, truck bedding, etc.

We have a full line of decking available in Brazilian Redwood Hardwood. This includes: 1x4, 1x6, 5/4x6, 5/4x8, 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 4x4, Handrail, Subrail, and plugs. We also offer the 1x6 and 5/4x6 in a clear-coat pre-finished condition. Since all of the kiln-dried hardwoods need to be finished on all four sides prior to installation, purchasing it pre-finished eliminates that staining+ labor step for the contractor and/or consumer.

The remainder of the Kiln-Dried Exotic Hardwoods are only available in the decking sizes of either 1x6 or 5/4x6. Usually Redwood or IPE Hardwood are used for the deck railing components.

To see pictures and a more complete description of each Kiln-Dried Exotic Hardwood peruse the Kiln Dried Hardwoods page , the Hardwoods Comparative Chart and the Kiln-Dried Hardwood Installation Guidelines




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