Sequoiafence Privacy Plus® Panels
Redwood Empire introduced the pre-built Redwood Sequoiafence Privacy Plus Panels in 1993. Since then, over one million panels have been sold and installed. You've probably seen some in your neighborhood. It is a panel for the contractor and homeowner alike.

Redwood Quality

  • Redwood looks better and last longer than other woods
  • Redwood resists splitting, checking, cupping and warping
  • Redwood heartwood is naturally durable and insect resistant
  • Redwood takes and holds finishes better than other woods

Privacy Plus Design

  • Solid pre-built design saves time and money
  • Stylish fence assembled with quality Redwood - tongue & groove fence boards and industrial strength fasteners
  • A "good neighbor" fence, looks great from both sides
  • Three lath top lattice panel provides an extra degree of privacy and can be purchased separately

Privacy Plus Features

  • Tongue & groove fence boards and dadoed rails make a solid fit
  • Sturdy rabbeted 2x6 kick board provides long-lasting stability
  • Top-quality, corrosion-resistant fasteners used throughout
  • Easy installation saves time, money and labor
  • There are two different styles available:
    1) The Original - 1" x 6" tongue & groove boards
    2) Best Seller, 1" x 4", 1" x 6" tongue & groove alternating
  • Panels-6' x 8', 4' x 8', 3' x 8'
  • Gates - 3' x 3', 3' x 6', 3' x 4', 4' x 6'
  • Privacy Topper - 12" x 96" and 18" x "96"

Sequoiafence Privacy Plus is an excellent boundary or property line fencing. A "good neighbor" fence - Privacy Plus looks great from both sides. Sequoiafence is also ideal as a privacy screen for pools, spas, hot tubs, trash cans or air conditioners.


Special order 
fence panels of 
All-Heart Redwood available on request.

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